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The mirror has a long and reflective history. The forerunners of the present days glass mirrors which are sold by the square can be traced back to 1400BC,when bronzes containing up to 30 percent tin by weight were cast into mirrors which rendered highly polished surfaces ands clearly reflected images. Ancient Indian civilization was proud of its foundries which made metal mirrors of copper tin bronzes. The Rig Veda mentions the metal mirror. Archaeological excavations at Harrappa uncovered the likes of it. Temple sculptures at Khajuraho depict them. Today unfortunately, the phenomenon has been reduced to a fact of history except in the hands of seven skilled master craftsmen in a humble village in the south India..

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  • Aranmula Temple

    The Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple iis a Hindu temple near Aranmula, a village in Pathanamthitta District,Kerala, South India.Aranmula Pardhasaradhi Temple Aranmula Uthrattathi Boat Race Aranmula Snake Boat race at Pathanamthitta The temple is on the left bank of the Pampa River

  • Aranmula Boat Race

    Aranmula is a small town near Pathanamthitta which is famous for its boat races and metal mirrors. Take a Tour to Aranmula to know more about the traditional lifestyle of Kerala. Located on the banks of River Pamba, the Aranmula is a famous backwater destination. The famous boat race of Kerala which takes place in Aranmula is the center of activity for the people of Aranmula

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